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This space is an image, a metaphor for a mental outlook change. A shift from the noise and speed of the everyday life to a clean and logical being. Simple, yet complete and deep as a glass of red wine.
We wanted to win as much free space as possible and don't overload it with walls, constructions or furniture. This apartment is made for a woman, who is used to being in the middle of everyone's attention, knows how to handle it, same as she enjoys being alone. We've created a space where one could be both perfectly chilling solo and partying with a gang of never-sleeping friends.
This is a renovation project of a room in a mass-produced apartment building. The young couple client had various hobbies which are keeping pets such as reptiles and collecting antiques. As a result of conversation with the multi-talented client about their future place, doma meaning "a dirt place" in Japanese is located around the residential space as an intermediate area between the inside and outside, and its configuration is that tolerant of tough uses.
We've discarded the old functional planning and created free space, separated only with glass walls and a hidden wardrobe system. The hidden doors, the skirting-boards on the white walls are great helpers to get a filling of a bigger space.
The kitchen and the living room were integrated by means of a built on site counter made of reinforced concrete. The counter is 'L' shaped and starts at 90cm high in the kitchen area, containing the stove, sink, etc. At the point where it reaches the living room it drops down 15cm and becomes a dinner table that stretches for three meters. This three-meter-table does not have any support on the floor but is suspended by two iron bars that are welded to the ceiling structure. An iron plate linear lamp is fixed to the reinforcing bars and hovers over the table.

The existing bathroom was transformed into a sizeable utility room and niches for kitchen cabinets. A new bathroom was then made in the original place of the maid's quarters.
The house is a two storey building with wide panoramic terraces laying on the sloping side of the hills facing the sea. Its architecture consists of pure and squared volumes finished with a bright white lime-and-sand plaster. A textured dado in red basalt stone – recessed into the walls - surrounds the whole elevation of the lower floor and its engraved surface is meant to evoke the woven vegetal fibres of typical Sardinian baskets.

The entrance lobby gives access to the living room, which, with the dining area, the kitchen and their wide apertures form a wide and fluid open space, in continuity with the surrounding terraces. The main feature of this space is the background wall behind the sofa, covered with a textured white lime stone meant to evoke the typical Sardinian ancient weaving technique called "a pibiones" (grained texture).